Roatan, Honduras

August 19-26, 2017 - 9 divers

Roatán is the largest of a small group of islands off the Caribbean coast of Honduras. It is one of the most well protected and well preserved islands in the Mesoamerican reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world. Its warm, clear and calm waters are home to pristine coral beds, stunning and diverse macro life as well as the larger predatory and pelagic species like sharks, rays and turtles. Roatán dive sites offer something for every diver including immense shipwrecks, deep coral walls, winding swim-throughs and gorgeous reef expanses.

During our trip, we enjoyed the 11 dive package, including a night dive and a dive on El Aguila wreck. Additionally we dived with Caribbean grey reef sharks at Cara a Cara Shark Dive on the south side of the island. During our night dive we experienced bioluminescent tracers during lights-out time and enjoyed a moderate showing of the string of pearls. Due to Hurricane Harvey, some of our guests were forced to stay an extra two days, and managed to get an extra few dives in! With prime conditions, we were able to dive the southside, West Bay, West End and even further east up the island!

A number of guests completed their Enriched Air Nitrox certification course, and others completed their first night dive! One student got his first taste of ocean diving, and everyone got close encounters with Caribbean grey reef sharks. Inside Under's inaugural trip was a great success!

Trip Report

Trip type - Island-based safaris

Inside Under Divemaster - Alex Lichtblau

Dive operator - Sun Divers Roatan

# of dives - 11 (+1 shark dive and +3 extra dives due to hurricane delay)

Visibility - 60-90 feet

Water temperature - 82-84 degrees F

Air temperature - 78 (nighttime low) - 90 (daytime high)

Weather - Mostly sunny, scattered showers calm winds, little to no surf

Moon phase - Crescent to new moon

Current - null

Specialty dives - Night, wreck, Enriched Air Nitrox

Highlights - Eagle rays, green and hawksbill turtles, bioluminescent night diving, string of pearls, bearded toadfish, Caribbean grey reef sharks, lionfish hunt

Trip Reviews

"Fantastic trip to Roatan, Honduras. Diving was excellent and exceptionally well organized! Hotel lived up to expectations. Thanks Alex!" - Steve

"Alex was an amazing divemaster & guide to our free time on Roatan. He was extremely safety conscious and attentive. I'd dive with him anywhere, anytime."  - Mindy

by Alex Lichtblau

I first dived in the Galapagos in 2011. It inspired in me an unmatched passion...the ocean. Since then I've travelled the world, diving, exploring and building my own dive travel and dive instruction business, Inside Under Dive & Travel. To learn more about me and my passion, see my bio. Also, learn more about dive certifications and courses, or going on a dive trip with me.