Cozumel, Mexico

April 7-14, 2018 - 9 divers

Cozumel diving is known for its excellent visibility, moderate currents and healthy reef systems. The reef around the Caribbean island is home to eagle rays, nurse sharks and turtles, as well as a vast array of macro life. Cozumel, the jewel of the Riviera Maya, did not disappoint on this trip.

We dived 5 days around the southwestern reefs of the Palancar and Cedral systems, and accomplished 11 dives in total. One of our divers was able to get back in the water after a long hiatus. Another completed her first ocean dives with her original!

Some of the encounter highlights included loggerhead turtles (cahuamas in Spanish), eagle rays, plenty of splendid toadfish, groups of baby spotted drums and a few octopi. The night dive was a hit, even among the nervous newbies as we were able to find a number of octopi, morays, toadfish, reef squid and some huge crustaceans.

Trip Report

Trip type - Island-based safaris

Inside Under Divemaster - Alex Lichtblau

Dive operator - Blue Project Cozumel

# of dives - 11

Visibility - 80-120 feet

Water temperature - 80-81 degrees F

Air temperature - 75 (nighttime low) - 85 (daytime high)

Weather - Partly cloudy, moderate to high winds from the southeast, mild surf

Moon phase - Half to new moon

Current - mild SE to NW (1-2 knots)

Specialty dives - Night, drift, peak performance buoyancy

Highlights - Loggerhead turtles, eagle ray, splendid toadfish, octopi, baby spotted drums, long drift dives, action-packed night dive

Trip Reviews

"[Alex was] organized, professional, personal, spoke fluent Spanish and was willing to always help!" - Shari

"Our Cozumel diving trip was amazing thanks to Alex and all his help! He arranged the diving, dinners, cabs....went above and beyond his dive master duties. I will definitely book another dive trip with him!" - Stacey

by Alex Lichtblau

I first dived in the Galapagos in 2011. It inspired in me an unmatched passion...the ocean. Since then I've travelled the world, diving, exploring and building my own dive travel and dive instruction business, Inside Under Dive & Travel. To learn more about me and my passion, see my bio. Also, learn more about dive certifications and courses, or going on a dive trip with me.