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My name is Alex Lichtblau and I first learned to dive while visiting the Galápagos in 2011, and was at once hooked. That first experience in the rich, churning waters of the Pacific captivated me, and I returned to spend the next year diving and gaining experience in some of the most difficult and diverse diving conditions on the planet.

In the Galápagos, I worked as a field ecology instructor and field research assistant. Aside from new diving abilities, I acquired scientific research experience, backcountry skills and a Wilderness First Response certification. After completing 70+ dives and my PADI Rescue Diver course, I returned to the United States fluent in Spanish, in 2013. I spent nearly 2 years in the states working and completing my Divemaster course off the coast of California, around Catalina and the Channel Islands.

Upon becoming a Divemaster in 2014, dive-industry work immediately called to me from the warm, vibrant Caribbean. I moved to Roatán, Honduras, where I became an instructor and worked at a top-rated independent valet dive shop. 2 years, 100+ certifications, and 750+ dives later, I returned to the United States a seasoned and eager dive instructor ready to explore new opportunities.

During my time out of the water, I began building Inside Under by exploring opportunities in dive travel planning, private dive instruction, photo-editing / printing, social media marketing and website construction and maintenance.

At the start of 2017 I travelled Southeast Asia, focusing on the diving around western and central Indonesia. As a freelance instructor and guide, I quickly took to my surroundings and gained invaluable experience in a wide range of work environments and cultures. Bringing my lifetime count to 1300+ dives with nearly 200 hours of dive time in Indonesian waters, the trip opened my eyes to a new world of diving possibilities.

Now my mission is to grow my business by helping more people discover the ocean through concierge dive trips and private dive instruction. I look forward to sharing an inside look at life underwater.

I was born and raised in the Arizona desert, which may be why I am so drawn to the water. I studied ecology and evolutionary biology, as well as Spanish, at the University of Arizona in Tucson. See my CV/resume, click here.

Photography courtesy of Alex St. Jean.