PADI Specialty Courses

Specialty courses are designed to give you a deeper understanding and familiarity of different types of diving. Each specialty course focuses on one specific field, and depending on the specialty, will always include a theory and skill review, and a possibly time in the water to practice those skills.

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Buoyancy control is the most vital skill in SCUBA diving. There are numerous benefits including: being able to dive with less weight, improving air consumption, extending dive time, protecting the marine environment and many more. With the right training and practice, you will develop your ability to maintain neutral buoyancy (weightlessness) throughout your dives. The Peak Performance Buoyancy certification course includes the theory review and 2 dives. These dives will focus on breathing and relaxation techniques, buoyancy control techniques and proper weighting procedures.

Peak Performance Buoyancy certification course price: $150

Deep Diving

Explore the ocean below 60 ft / 18 m with confidence and safe practices. Deep diving opens the door to new dive sites, and allows you to explore your own personal limits. Deep diving necessitates a greater awareness of yourself and your surroundings, as well as a respect for safety protocol. The Deep Diving specialty certification course includes a theory review, and 4 dives in open water. These dives will focus on safety procedures, personal depth limits and nitrogen narcosis, as well as physics and physiology.

Deep Diving Specialty certification course price: $250

Night Diving

When you start SCUBA diving, the door to a new world is opened to you. When you start night diving, another door opens to an even stranger and more foreign world. Most diving occurs during daylight hours, but much of the underwater world is nocturnal, and waits until sundown to become active. Through the night dive specialty training, you will become familiar with night diving specific procedures. The night diving training includes a theory review, and 3 open water dives. These dives will focus on night time safety protocol, proper torch use and nocturnal marine life.

Night Diving Specialty certification course price: $200

Digital Underwater Imaging

Learn how to successfully bring back the underwater world from your dives through digital underwater imaging. Although similar to photography and videography above water, capturing quality images underwater demands a deep knowledge of the physics of diving, as well as a mastery of buoyancy control. This course details the basic concepts of photography and videography, the imaging techniques specific to the underwater realm and proper equipment maintenance; it includes a theory review, and 2 dives in open water.

Digital Underwater Imaging certification course price: $200

AWARE Fish Identification

Ever wonder which fish you saw on your dive? With over 15,000 species of fish in the world, the task of identification can be daunting. Through this course you will learn about basic fish biology and taxonomic classification, identification techniques and environmentally specific species. It includes a theory review, and 2 dives in open water.

AWARE Fish Identification certification course price: $150

Underwater Navigation

Looking to build your confidence underwater? Complete the underwater navigation specialty to learn advanced compass navigation, natural referencing and become intimately familiar with your own comfort level. This course includes a theory review, and 4 dives in open water.

Underwater Navigation certification course price: $250

Master SCUBA Diver Program

Choose any five of the above specialties, and become a part of the elite group of Master SCUBA Divers.

Master SCUBA Diver Program price: $900

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