Advanced Open Water Diver

The Advanced Open Water Diver course builds on the skills you learned in the beginner course, and allows you to expand your knowledge and abilities. The course consists of two required modules and three modules of your choosing, meaning you develop the skills most relevant to your passion.

The modules available to choose from vary greatly and should reflect your interests. After all, diving is supposed to be fun! The following are some, but definitely not all, of the options: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Night Diving, Drift Diving, Underwater Photography, Fish ID, Underwater Naturalist, Boat Diving, Wreck Diving

Discover the kind of diving that excites you!

Discover the kind of diving that excites you!

Course Outline

  • Self-study materials (digital OR hard copy)
  • 3 days work with instructor
  • 5 distinct dives (maximum 2/day)
    • 2 Required
      • Deep Diving
      • Underwater Navigation
    • 3 of your choice from
      • Peak Performance Buoyancy
      • Night Diving
      • Drift Diving
      • Underwater Photography
      • Fish Identification
      • ...many more...

Course Price*

Private (2 student max) - $300/student

Group (3-6 students) - $250/student

For more information and to speak with Alex, click the button below and drop him a line.

*rates vary regionally, and do NOT include gear rental/purchase